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Since I posted my Pinboard sidebar and custom buttons tutorial for Firefox yesterday, people have been asking about Chrome. I don't use extensions or addons in Chrome myself (Chrome is my sleek and fast browser), but I promised to look into it.

I started by looking for extensions that are already out there, since I have no idea how to make extensions for Chrome. I went to the Chrome webstore (, did a search for Pinboard, installed all the extensions, and tested them. These are the ones that I think are useful:

1) Pinboard Plus.

This one adds a really neat bookmark button to your Chrome toolbar. The button immediately lets you know whether you have bookmarked a page (it's light gray when you haven't and dark gray when you have). Click it, and a box (not a popup window) opens where you can enter or edit your bookmark details for the current page.


Screenshot for a new bookmark.

UPDATE [personal profile] odyle has noticed the following: "Pinboard Plus does not automatically enter text I highlight into the description field. Most of my tagging is fic, so I like having the ability to include that without having to copy + paste." I didn't check for that. So sad! That's a serious drawback.

2) Pinboard


This one has more functions than 1).

Here's what the different options do:

* All bookmarks/private bookmarks/public bookmarks/unread bookmarks/untagged bookmarks/starred bookmarks: Opens your complete/private/public/unread/untagged/starred bookmarks in a new tab.
* Save bookmark: opens the save bookmark popup for the current page (without tags)
* Read later: Saves the current page as unread (no popup)

The extension offers some customization. You can choose between different icons and you can disable any options you don't need.

3) Pinboard (same name, different addon)

Guys, this is the best. Completely and utterly in love with this one!

This pretty much does what the old Delicious Firefox sidebar did. Actually, it does some things the Delicious sidebar couldn't do. Lots of screenshots, because the possibilities are endless.


This is what it looks like. It opens a window that contains your bookmarks, your tags (sorted by frequency, which is a big deal for me), a search bar, and a button to bookmark the current page (red square; bookmark without tags popup opens. If you have already bookmarked the page, the button is light blue instead of gray). If your bookmarks have changed recently, it will display the green box at the top to let you know. When you hover over a bookmark, the tooltip shows your tags and the url.

This is the search function:


It's super fast and it searches tags, descriptions and titles. (In this screenshot you can also see the light blue bookmark button for an already bookmarked site.)


Aaaand here is filtering by tags. BEST. THING. EVER. Just click on them. You can filter by multiple tags. AND your tag statistics are updated for the current tag intersections (I have 13 bookmarks that are tagged oneshot for the tag combination fic>STXI>Kirk/Spock>established). AND IT GETS BETTER: The search bar works for your current tag combination (no screenshot, just believe me. It's that good.)

This extension also offers basic customization features (you can choose between two different icons and assign hotkeys for Bookmark Page, Browse Bookmarks and Read Later).

4) Pinboard Tools

This is the official Pinboard extension. Very similar to 2), but with slightly different functions.


Here's what the different options do:

* Save to Pinboard: opens asave bookmark box (not a popup) for the current page (without tags)
* Read later: Saves the current page as unread (no popup)
* Save tab set: Save all your current tabs (only addon that lets you do that).
* Unread bookmarks/all bookmarks/Network/Tab Sets: Opens your unread bookmarks/all bookmarks/network bookmarks/tab set bookmarks in a new tab.

5) Unpin

And now for something completely different. If you are using Pinboard's read later function, this is a neat little tool for opening a list of your unread bookmarks. The icon shows how many unread bookmarks you currently have.


6) Last but not least: Pinboard Right

This does not add a toolbar button. Instead, it adds Pinboard buttons to your right click menu. Right click anywhere on a page and you can open the bookmark popup.


Right click on a link and you can bookmark that link.


That's it. All the other extensions I tried didn't convince me. These six offer a lot of the functionalities the Firefox custom buttons and sidebar I showed yesterday did, plus more.

The following is missing:
1) There's no actual sidebar, but the Pinboard extension does something similar and is actually sleeker than the sidebar, plus allowing for tag filtering (with multiple tags!).
2) None of the extensions support the "popup with tags" option. This might be a real drawback for some people.
3) Only one extension (4) contains a link to your network. None of them offer a network sidebar. Again, might be a drawback for some.

If anyone is still interested in a real sidebar, a popup with tags option, quick access to your network, or any of the other stuff I showed for Firefox, let me know! I'll look into it.

(Also: feedback is love. Anonymous comments are enabled, IP logging is off.)
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