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Dear Yuletide Author, 
14th-Oct-2013 10:57 am
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Dear author,

First things first: Thank you for doing this! I absolutely adore Yuletide; it is one of my favorite things about the holiday season, and just writing this letter makes me go all warm and fuzzy.

Secondly, I hope you'll forgive me if huge chunks of my letter are copied from previous years -- my preferences and requests are pretty stable.

Most of my requests are very broad and/or brainstorm-y. Part of that is because I really don't have particularly concrete expectations or must-have's, and the thing I like most about a gift is the surprise. In addition, I want the best you can offer (I'm picky like that ;)), and I want to give you free rein for that. So, seriously: everything I suggested is just that--a suggestion. In those cases where I said any characters in the request, I meant that! Even if I'm talking about specific characters or scenarios in the prompt--that was just what my mind could come up with at the time. Doesn't mean that I won't enjoy another story more, just because I didn't have that idea.

In conclusion: Do whatever you feel works best for you and feel free to ignore pretty much everything I'm saying here or in my prompts if that helps you to write a good story.

However, if you'd like some more info about my preferences, here it is.

I generally like:

- The Department of Backstory. The main reason I got into fandom was that I wondered about all the details that are never explained in canon. Where do the characters come from? What made them the way they are? Which part of their world have we never seen and how does it function? I also like future fic, for similar reasons.

- Gen fic and character studies. I like romance--het and slash--but I'm picky about my pairings and I need good characterisation to back it up. I love gen fic for the reasons above--it's an opportunity to explore the motives, experiences and personality of a character beyond what's provided in canon.

- Minor characters. I'm a sucker for minor characters, because there's so much room for speculation and experimentation there.

- Dialogue and character interaction. Good, in-character dialogue is awesome. Snarky, witty dialogue and banter is beyond awesome. I'm generally fond of fics that explore the relationship between characters--whether that's romance, friendship, or antagonism.

About smut: I honestly don't care either way. If it's there and well done, good. If it isn't, I won't miss it.

About AUs: I guess the same applies here--I like AUs, but I don't have a preference for them. And I'd like the spirit of the original 'verse to be recognizable in an AU.

About crossovers and fusions: If you have a sudden inspiration for a crossover or fusion between any of my fandoms and/or any of the fandoms listed in my profile, sure, why not? I'd love to read about Captain Spiff meeting the Orion crew or Sarai in a duel with Inigo Montoya!

About the general tone: I'm easy here. I'll read dark, angsty stuff as well as teeth-rotting fluff. As long as it's not graphic gore and violence from beginning to end, I'm good. I've gotten character death fic, established relationship fluff, a wacky crossover and character studies for past Yuletides, and loved all of them to bits. If you want to go with fluff, I have a huge kink for established relationships (romantic or platonic).

Something about each of my fandoms:

- My request: I meant it when I didn't specify any characters! I'll be happy with any fic for this fandom. However, here's the prompt of my dreams: More of those scenes in which the government, the GSD and the Oberste Raumbehörde sit around their round table and bicker while McLane and crew save the day. Could be a completely new plot or a missing scene. It would be great if we see both the Orion crew and command, but I'm really intrigued by the (slightly disheartening) glimpses into the future of Earth politics and would like to learn more about the new administration. Bonus points for any of the following: 1. German language preferred. 2. The more bickering and banter, the better! (Goes for Orion and command.) 3. Oberst Villa making an appearance. 4. female characters being awesome.

- Some more info: Chances are you've never heard of this show (obscure German '60s scifi for the win), but if you have: I like Orion for its (partly unintended) campiness--the dances, the flat iron and yoghurt cups--but beyond that, I think it's a genuinely well-written show with good acting. I love the banter, snark and flirting. I love the general setup of the episodes, focusing not only on the Orion out in space, but also on Earth and its new administration. I love how government apparently hasn't changed all that much from the 1960s to now to the year 3000. And given my love for backstory and minor characters, my reasons for picking my prompt should be pretty obvious. (Sidenote: The way women are treated in this show is part awesome (Lydia van Dyke!), part cringe-worthy (Helga's and Tamara's conversation about Cliff's dancing that should never have happened) and part so-bad-the-only-reaction-is-lulz (Chroma). This fandom needs more well-written, truly equal female characters.)

Calvin and Hobbes
- My request: I've seen a lot of stories in which Calvin comes of age, but none with a younger Calvin. Inspired by my current trials and tribulations with my baby daughter, I request baby!Calvin. His first meal, first steps, first words, first tiger, first attempt at world domination... You get the drift. Babies are little monsters and Calvin must have been a terrific baby.
If that's really not your thing, I understand and I have alternative suggestions in my Dear Author letter.

- Some more info: Calvin and Hobbes is a staple Yuletide request for me. I adore the strip, and I'll take any kind of fic for it! Baby!Calvin was just a spur of the moment idea based on current real life events. So: definitely no need for any baby, or even any Calvin (after all, I didn't request him as a character). With comic strip fandoms I'm always interested to see how the source material translates to another medium. Seeing a typical Calvin and Hobbes comic strip in prose is often not that interesting (but hey, feel free to prove me wrong!), but I've read some great crossover and fusion fics, explorations of minor characters or POV changes, and Calvin-as-a-teen/grownup in this fandom. So yeah, any of those would be great, especially fusions/crossovers or fic about any of the minor characters if the baby prompt doesn't do anything for you. I'd happily read about a day in the life of Miss Wormwood or Rosalie with Calvin and Hobbes making no more than a fleeting appearance. Run wild! If the story doesn't go anywhere, put it in the Transmogrifier and see it turn into something completely different (and possibly covered in radioactive slime). The only thing I ask for is nothing in the Hobbes and Bacon 'verse, as I already got two amazing Hobbes and Bacon fics last year.

- My request: Requested characters: Louis Renault. Anything about Renault, who is by far the most fascinating character in the movie. Whether it's his beautiful friendship with Rick (no slash, please), his backstory, or a movie scene from his perspective.

- Some more info: I have absolutely zero ideas for a plot here (sorry!), i just want more Renault. He is a favorite character of mine in the sense that I find him terribly intriguing and fun to watch, not in the sense that I think he's a particularly good guy. He does some incredibly questionable things in the movie, and there is no need to gloss over that. That said, I think the movie (especially the ending) provides you with a lot of leeway for his character and especially character development.

Tricksters - Tamora Pierce
- My request: Requested characters: Saraiyu Balitang. Something about the life Sarai builds for herself in Carthak would be nice! See my letter for further details.

- Some more info: I love the Tortall 'verse. I grew up with Alanna and I'm rereading all the book series regularly. I never particularly liked Sarai though, or let's say I have little patience for her. I think Tammy intended it that way, for the most part. Sarai's future in Carthak is interesting to me for two reasons: Firstly, it gives her a chance at a fresh start. How does she cope? Is Carthak and life with Zaimid what she wanted it to be? Which leads me to my second point: This gives us a chance to explore another part of the Tortall universe that we haven't revisited since Daine literally laid waste to it. From what we've heard from Tammy and mentions in other books, Carthak and Carthaki society still has a LOT of issues, despite Kaddar's comparatively progressive rule. I'd really like to see how Sarai sees this society in transformation, and how she becomes part of it. Feel free to continue Tammy's tradition of gratuitous character appearances!
Alternative prompt if you want to stay more focused on the Tricksters series/are not that familiar with the rest of Tortall: I'd also love a story about Sarai's childhood or a scene from Tricksters from her POV.

Princess Bride (1987)
- My request: I'd really, really enjoy a genderbent!AU. Alternatively, a version in which Buttercup was the one who ran off.

- Some more info: The lack of women with agency and things to do in this movie is sad. Give me some ladies! If you go for genderbent, it doesn't have to be every character. Just give me a fic that passes the Bechdel test.

I hope this helps. Most of all, I hope you have fun with my fandoms and prompts! Don't be terrified, I'm so happy you signed up for this, and I love you for it! And anybody who likes either of these fandoms has my implicit trust.
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