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October 27th, 2015 
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Dear author,

First off: Hello and thank you for writing for me! Yuletide is a treasured holiday tradition, and I'm always happy to share my love for these fandoms with someone else!

Secondly: I screwed up with my sign-up and discovered only after the deadline that my final edit, which included the optional details for Demon's Lexicon, didn't go through. If you were matched on Demon's Lexicon, don't worry! I love the series, I'll be thrilled to receive fic for it, and my optional details (which are of course optional) are here in this letter. I'm sorry I messed up!

Finally, I hope you'll forgive me that huge chunks of my letter are copied from previous years--my preferences and requests are pretty stable.

I have tried to give you multiple options and prompts for each fandom, and my requests are very broad and/or brainstorm-y. Part of that is because I really don't have particularly concrete expectations or must-haves, and the thing I like most about a gift is the surprise. In addition, I want the best you can offer (I'm picky like that ;)), and I want to give you free rein for that. So, seriously: everything I suggested is just that--a suggestion. You'll notice I selected "any characters" for all my requests. I meant that! Even if I'm talking about specific characters or scenarios in the prompt--that was just what my mind could come up with at the time. Doesn't mean that I won't enjoy another story more, just because I didn't come up with that idea.

In conclusion: Do whatever you feel works best for you and feel free to ignore pretty much everything I'm saying here or in my prompts if that helps you to write a good story.

However, if you'd like some more info about my preferences, here it is.

about my general prefences )

about my fandoms )

I hope this helps. Most of all, I hope you have fun with my fandoms and prompts! Don't be terrified, I'm so happy you signed up for this, and I love you for it! And anybody who likes either of these fandoms has my implicit trust.
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