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16th-Nov-2009 09:38 pm - Dear Yuletide Author,
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First off: thank you! I love all the fandoms I submitted, and consequently, I love you already for writing for me! This is the first time I'm doing Yuletide, and I'm appropriately excited.

Now that I've seen other people's prompts, I feel mine were really short. Part of that is because I really don't have particularly concrete expectations or must-have's, and the thing I like most about a gift is the surprise. In addition, I want the best you can offer (I'm picky like that :p), and I want to give you free rein for that. So, seriously: everything I suggested is just that--a suggestion. Do whatever you feel works best for you and feel free to ignore pretty much everything I'm saying here or in my prompts if that helps you.

However, if you'd like some more info about my preferences, here it is.

I generally like:

- The Department of Backstory. The main reason I got into fandom was that I wondered about all the details that are never explained in canon. Where do the characters come from? What made them the way they are? Which part of their world have we never seen and how does it function?

- Gen fic and character studies. I like romance--het and slash--but I'm picky about my pairings and I need good characterisation to back it up. I love gen fic for the reasons above--it's an opportunity to explore the motives, experiences and personality of a character beyond what's provided in canon.

- Minor characters. I'm a sucker for minor characters, because there's so much room for speculation and experimentation there.

- Dialogue and character interaction. Good, in-character dialogue is awesome. Snarky, witty dialogue and banter is beyond awesome. I'm generally fond of fics that explore the relationship between characters--whether that's romance, friendship, or antagonism.

About smut: I honestly don't care either way. If it's there and well done, good. If it isn't, I won't miss it. The only thing I don't want is PWP--but that should be obvious form all I've said above.

About AUs: I guess the same applies here--I like AUs, but I don't have a preference for them. And I'd like the spirit of the original 'verse to be recognizable in an AU.

Something about each of my fandoms:

- xkcd Um. I have no idea what to expect for fanfiction here, but I'm a major xkcd fangirl, and the opportunity was too tempting to pass up. I guess I love xkcd for the reason most people do--the humor and the geekery. My prompts were pretty character-driven, and that's because I admire the way Randall Munroe gave these stick figures distinct personalities. (Also, more people need to ship hat guy/girl.) So I guess what I'm curious about is how this characterisation can be transferred to another format. How you do this is left entirely to you--a conventional fic, a series of drabbles, a poem, a script--there are lots of possibilities.

- Raumpatrouille Orion Chances are you've never heard of this show (obscure German '60s scifi for the win), but if you have: I like Orion for its (partly unintended) campiness--the dances, the flat iron and yoghurt cups--but beyond that, I think it's a genuinely well-written show with good acting. I love the banter, snark and flirting. I love the general setup of the episodes, focusing not only on the Orion out in space, but also on Earth and its new administration. And given my love for backstory and minor characters, my reasons for picking my prompt should be pretty obvious. (Sidenote: The way women are treated in this show is part awesome (Lydia van Dyke!), part cringe-worthy (Helga's and Tamara's conversation about Cliff's dancing that should never have happened) and part so-bad-the-only-reaction-is-lulz (Chroma). This fandom needs more strong, truly equal female characters.)

- The Demon's Lexicon. I really love this book--the urban fantasy setting, the plot, the characters, their relationships, the writing style. So anything you give me for this universe will be treasured. My original prompt was based on all the things I like: backstory, character interaction and relationships, and a minor character's viewpoint. Any of those abstract characteristics is more important to me than the exact prompt.

I hope this helps. Most of all, I hope you have fun with my fandoms and prompts! Don't be terrified, I'm so happy you signed up for this! And anybody who likes either of these three fandoms has my implicit trust.
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