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11th-Apr-2010 12:38 am - so in love
oxymora: (DW -Doctor/Rose run!)
I was not completely happy with last week's episode--I loved the character introductions for both Amy and Eleven and the setup of Amy's relationship issues and background, but I thought the rest of the plot was, well, lame. Well, let's just say this episode made up for it. You have no idea how much I was squeeing.

Okay, so let me count the ways. I make no attempts at coherency. This is just me flailing and rambling.

- Looooved the beginning. Scary masks behind the window are scary. That scene was brilliant.

- Awwwww, Amy and the Doctor discover the stars! By dangling out of the TARDIS like a balloon! And the scene where Amy asks the Doctor if it's hard not to get involved until she sees him comforting the crying girl made me laugh.

- I immediately called the water glass mystery!

- OMG the Star Wars references. "You're our only hope!" And the garbage-bin-that-is-really-a-throat! That one was actually a mashup of IV and V.

- More nods to Doctor/Elizabeth! (And "you look Timelord"!) So glad that Moffat does not choose to ignore seasons 1-4.

- Amy is a BAMF. A BAMF with faults, who chooses Forget but who makes up for it and figures it all out and saves the Doctor from himself! The latter is the true sign of a good companion.

- I like where they're going with Amy and Eleven's relationship. It seems much more paternal than that of former companions. In a way, Amy grew up with the Doctor and the star whale analogy made clear that she gets that he's old, damaged and very much an alien. And I love how fiercely protective she is of him already. I know people will ship them no matter what, and yes, you can definitely spin it that way, but meh, we've been there with Rose and Martha and we've also had DoctorDonnaFriends (which was great!), so I'm in for something new. And it's really interesting because Matt Smith and Karen Gillan actually look so close in age.

- I cannot have been the only one thinking of Nine and Rose in End of the World when Amy and the Doctor hugged in front of the big window. Right?

- This plot was win. Yes to dystopias. Yes to moral dilemmata (that are conveniently solved by making a guess and pressing a button). Yes to conflicted!Doctor. Yes to the-companion-saves-the-day. Yes to Doctor-Companion-bonding-time. Just yes.

- All in all, this episode felt both very, very Moffat (with the scary monsters etc.) and also very typically Doctor Who. And I loved both of that.

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